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ADCO Environmental Services, LLC

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ADCO Environmental Services, LLC is one of America's oldest radioactive waste brokers that has evolved since its incorporation in Illinois in 1965 to a full-service nationwide waste management company offering hazardous and radioactive waste disposal services to customers across The United States.


ADCO Environmental Services, LLC

Offering Waste Disposal Services Across the United States

ADCO Environmental Services is a hazardous waste disposal company providing everything from contaminated soil disposal, labpacking, paperpacking, chemical disposal, pump-out services, radioactive waste disposal, and safe effective waste removal waste hauling services.

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We offer comprehensive waste management programs and stand-alone services.

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ADCO Environmental Services, LLC - America's Waste Management Company

ADCO Environmental Services was primarily known for being a radioactive waste broker in the past basically serving the nuclear industry and low-level radioactive waste generators in The United States. We have grown over the past 50 years into a full-service waste management company specializing in providing turnkey hazardous waste disposal services to customers in The United States for all types of hazardous waste (RCRA Waste) and non-hazardous waste (Non-RCRA Waste). To this day, we are a hazaradous waste disposal company providing specialized waste disposal services for radioactive waste being generated in the nuclear industry by generators that deal with radioisotopes on a day-to-day basis as well as hazardous waste generators working with hazardous materials. If you come across something that is radioactive and are wanting to dispose of it properly but find yourself asking, "How do I dispose of radioactive waste?", our team of experts are standing by to assist you with your radioactive waste disposal needs.

Whether you are wanting to dispose of paint waste, chemical waste, fluorescent light bulbs, radioactive Tritium exit signs, or low-level radioactive waste (LLRW), ADCO Environmental Services safely and affordably assists generators with the disposal of any waste stream that needs to be removed from your property or facility at an affordable rate while following all local, state, and federal regulations.

Our streamlined waste management services offered by ADCO to industrial waste generators, commercial waste generators, pharmaceutical companies, municipalities, government agencies, universities, medical institutions, and much more are one of the main reasons ADCO continues to experience steady growth to this day. Call today to get a free quotation for your special waste disposal needs and find out more information regarding our turnkey waste management, transportation, and disposal services we offer!

At this time, ADCO Environmental Services, LLC does NOT offer residential household hazardous waste disposal services nor is a residential drop site for household hazardous waste. Residents are encouraged to contact their local municipality where they live and inquire if their local jurisdiction offers free household hazardous waste disposal services in the form of a drop site where you can bring your household hazardous waste for free or a drop day which is where your city or county will sponsor a day where you can bring your waste to a specified site and drop your waste off for free. Waste Management also offers a household hazardous waste disposal program called "At Your Door" where a representative from Waste Management will pick your household hazardous waste items up at your front door.

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Laboratory Clean Out Services
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Hazardous Waste Drop Day

Hazardous & Radioactive Waste Disposal Services Offered By ADCO

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Waste management services offered to healthcare facilities, scientific research facilities, utility companies, government institutions, commercial and industrial settings, and many other industries.

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Radioactive Sealed Source Disposal

Disposal service for radioactive sources, nuclear gauges, seeds, tubes, flood sources, epoxy sources, and much more.

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Radioactive Smoke Detector Disposal

Smoke alarms and fire pull switches can be recycled with our smoke alarm recycling program

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Radioactive Waste Disposal Service

Disposal of long-lived low-level radioactive dry waste (DAW) utilizing our radioactive waste disposal program.

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Uranyl/Uranium Acetate, Nitrate & Thorium Nitrate Disposal

Efficient & effective disposal of N.O.R.M. waste and other oxidizers.

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Fluorecent Bulb Disposal and E-Waste Recycling Service

Safe recycling of fluorescent lamps, batteries, and other electronic wastes.

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Flammable Liquid Disposal

Removal for flammable liquids and solids, oil and oily rag waste, and more.

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Corrosive Liquid Disposal

Sludge waste, acidic liquids, basic liquids, and corrosive substance disposal.

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Radioactive Exit Sign Disposal

Self luminous Tritium H-3 exit sign (self powered lighting signs) disposal service.

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How We Can Assist With Your Waste Disposal Needs

Hazardous materials (HAZMAT) typically found in the industrial setting can pose environmental hazards and be difficult to dispose of. Generators often find that disposing of their waste is a very costly and time consuming task and trying to find the right waste disposal company to accomodate their needs isn't exactly easy either. Then there is the fact of who do you trust to properly dispose of your waste? The scenario just described is often the case where expired wastes are found left behind many times un-marked and stored in cabinets or storage lockers, or where business owners are stuck trying to dispose of off-spec products that require destruction, or simply waste that was left behind by previous tenants. Our staff has heard it all from our customers over the years and we make it our priority to take the frustration out of your waste disposal experience and offer you with options to manage your waste removal needs in a timely manner. We provide lab-packing services for hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste, preparation of paper packs, and waste consolidation guidance, while keeping you in compliance with the regulatory agencies at an affordable cost to you.

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ADCO Environmental Services, LLC handles all of your hazardous waste removal needs and delivers effective and affordable service. To inquire about our waste management services we offer, please fill out our contact us form and someone from our staff will get back to you.

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