EPA Generator Classifications

Generators are defined as persons, such as individuals, corporations, or Federal Government agencies that produce hazardous waste according to Chapter 11 of the hazardous waste regulations. If you are a generator, you may want to know whether you need a USEPA ID number, also known as an Environmental Protection Agency Site ID number to remain compliant with Federal regulations. In this article, we look at the different EPA generator classifications to help you understand which of these codes…

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Chemical Waste Disposal

If you are handling hazardous waste, you may be wondering if you need an Environmental Protection Agency Site ID number commonly referred to as a “USEPA ID Number” or “Generator Number” or not. The short answer is that many businesses, facilities, and organizations that generate, transport, treat, store, and/or dispose of hazardous waste are required to obtain a USEPA ID Number. There are some exceptions to this rule, and the requirements can vary depending on your location and the type and…

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