Mixed Waste Disposal and Scintillation Vial Disposal

Mixed Waste Disposal and Scintillation Fluid Disposal for Every State in the US

Mixed wastes that exhibit two or more types of hazard classes and can contain radioactive isotopes and hazardous constituents combined in the same container are accepted for disposal with ADCO Services. Occasionally scintillation vials, scintillation media, bottles of liquid, and bulk liquids contained in drums and totes will fall into this mixed waste category where two or more USDOT hazard classes will be present in the same container requiring special waste disposal requirements.


Requirements such as paperwork preparation and profiling can be difficult and time-consuming, and with time constraints set forth by state and federal agencies, generators of this waste may find it problematic to ship these hazardous materials. Approval for the disposal of radioactive waste and other mixed wastes at a processor’s facility can further elongate the entire process and set you in violation with regulatory time limits.

Let ADCO Services aid you in the disposal your mixed waste in a timely manner. Our experts will take the complexity out of the process by finding the most cost effective disposal outlet for this problematic waste stream.

If you have any questions regarding our mixed waste disposal services or if you would like to discuss your hazardous waste removal needs with an expert, please contact us at 877-254-2326 or or 708-429-1660 today.