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Hazardous and Radioactive Waste Disposal in Baltimore

Hazardous and radioactive waste disposal Baltimore, MD is offered by ADCO. ADCO provides waste generators in the Baltimore area with cradle to grave disposal services for all types of hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams typically found at businesses, government institutions, as well as industrial facilities and this even includes radioactive waste!

Baltimore Has Disposal Options

At ADCO, our specialty is disposing of all types of waste with the one exception and that is Class 1 explosives. Some of the waste management services we offer to waste generators in the Baltimore area is disposing of their hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams, profiling of their waste into processing facilities, lab waste packing aka “Labpacks”, Oil and coolant pump-outs, and even disposing of radioactive/nuclear waste streams such as sealed sources. Whether you are a very small quantity generator (VSQG) or a large quantity generator (LQG), ADCO is here to assist you with your waste disposal needs.

ADCO offers waste generators in and near Baltimore with all types and sizes of USDOT approved shipping containers for packing waste into and can even help locate a supplier you may use on your own to save you more money! Do you have a drum that is leaking? No problem! We offer overpacking and repacking options if your shipping container the waste is contained in is damaged and in need of being replaced.

Proper Disposal Options for Baltimore with ADCO

ADCO offers hazardous and radioactive waste management services for businesses and government agencies as well as educational facilities in and near the Baltimore area. We are standing by to offer you advice for how to properly handle your waste and keep you in compliance with the regulatory agencies.

ADCO is often contacted by customers that are in very complex situations regarding what to do with their waste. Some have their waste contained in drums considered to be of an odd ball size in nature. Others find drums containing unknown contents which will require analytical to be run to identify what hazardous constituents if any are present. Others are facing other problems such as having state or federal agencies being involved and the generator of the waste is now facing citations/violations and steep fines.

We routinely hear from generators who are needing to apply for a USEPA Site ID Number. Many waste generators find out this little surprise when it comes time to dispose of their waste and realize the EPA requires this site ID number to dispose of most hazardous waste streams. We are able to offer assistance with obtaining your own site ID number as well.

Our mission is to properly manage your project from beginning to end and dispose of your waste only at a fully licensed and insured waste processing facility where you can have peace of mind that your waste is being handled in a legal and responsible manner.

ADCO Offers Paperwork Preparation for Baltimore

ADCO’s staff can prepare your hazardous waste profiles and shipping manifests for you. We’ve created thousands of waste profiles and Hazmats as well as USNRC 540s for our clients over our years in business and are very well versed with the entire waste profiling process which is constantly changing. We know that preparing the paperwork needed to ship out hazardous or radioactive waste is very time consuming and can be rather confusing which is why we say let us prepare your waste profiles and shipping manifests for you.

We Offer the Following Services in Baltimore:

  • Hazardous Waste Disposal

  • Lab packing / Laboratory Cleanouts

  • Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal

  • Radioactive Waste Disposal

  • Servicing Industrial Clients

  • Spill Clean-Ups

  • Waste Remediation Projects

  • Final Thoughts for Hazardous Waste Disposal in Baltimore

    Hazardous and radioactive waste disposal in Baltimore, Maryland is subject to various federal, state, and local regulations designed to protect the environment and public health. To properly dispose of hazardous waste in Baltimore, you should follow these general guidelines:

    1. Identify and Classify Hazardous Waste: First, you need to identify and classify the hazardous waste generated by your business or household. The determination of whether a waste is hazardous is typically based on its characteristics (ignitability, corrosivity, reactivity, toxicity) or specific listing by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

    2. Know Your Generator Status: Your classification as a hazardous waste generator (e.g., small quantity generator, large quantity generator) will determine your specific regulatory requirements. Ensure you understand your generator status to comply with relevant regulations.

    3. Contact Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE): Contact the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) to understand the state-specific regulations and requirements for hazardous waste disposal in Baltimore. The MDE is the state agency responsible for environmental regulations.

    4. Hire a Licensed Hazardous Waste Disposal Company Such as ADCO: If you’re a business generating hazardous waste, it’s usually advisable to work with a licensed hazardous waste disposal company. Adco has the expertise and equipment to properly handle, transport, and dispose of hazardous waste in compliance with regulations. They should be familiar with Baltimore’s specific requirements.

    5. Containerize and Label Hazardous Waste: Properly containerize the hazardous waste and label it according to federal and state regulations. Containers must be compatible with the waste and meet specific requirements for hazardous materials.

    6. Transportation: Ensure that the hazardous waste is transported by a licensed hazardous waste transporter. They should be equipped to handle hazardous materials safely during transit.

    7. Treatment or Disposal Facility: Select an appropriate treatment or disposal facility for your hazardous waste. Baltimore may have facilities that are permitted to handle hazardous waste. Ensure that the facility is licensed and complies with all relevant regulations.

    8. Documentation: Keep detailed records of your hazardous waste management activities, including manifests, receipts, and other required documentation. Proper record-keeping is crucial for demonstrating compliance.

    9. Training and Safety: Ensure that all personnel involved in the generation, handling, and disposal of hazardous waste receive appropriate training and follow safety procedures.

    10.Reporting: Depending on your generator status, you may be required to submit reports to the MDE or the EPA. Make sure you are aware of any reporting obligations.

    ADCO would like to remind you that it is always a good idea to keep up to date with the latest regulations and requirements for waste disposal in Baltimore, MD to ensure that you are in compliance with all relevant laws. Additionally, it’s essential to be proactive in managing your hazardous waste to prevent potential harm to the environment and minimize potential risks. Consulting with the experts at ADCO can be crucial to this process.